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The Breed
Here is some general information abour the Whipept. For more information about our dogs, please contact us.
~General Aspect~
The Whippet looks like a smaller verison of a Greyhound. It is a medium size sight hound giving the appearance of elegance and fitness, denoting great speed, power and balance without coarseness. The Whippet is fun and full of life, playful, friendly, active but without excess. Medium size dog, short coat and easy to care for. Overall, it is a breed full of life, kind and attractive. The Whippet is a sprinter and the fastest breed in the world, reaching close to 60 km/h on a short distance. 
He is a gentle, affectionate and adaptable, a splendid watch dog, a delightful companion or a great jogging partner. He is one of the friendliest of the sight hounds. A very intelligent dog that is easy to train.
Easygoing, even tempered, happy without being overwhelming and the lack of aggressiveness makes the Whippet a great family pet, including with children and other animals. It has a great adaptiveness to the city as well as the country or to an apartment. It is calm, discreet and never barks for nothing.
Its affectionnate nature is noticeable from the very first petting.
The Whippet is very adaptable and can thrive with other breeds, even other species.
The Whippet easily addapts to its family lifestyle and activities, but needs to burn its energy every day even if it is just for a short period of time. A good walk is always welcome. A run in the park or in the country is well appreciated. Play ball could also be a good exercise.